what guys want in a long distance relationship

What Guys Want in a Long Distance Relationship – 15 Things To Do

Long distance relationships are more widespread in today’s interconnected world as a result of technological advancements and people seeking love abroad. For guys engaged in such relationships, certain desires and needs emerge as critical for sustaining emotional closeness and connection despite the physical distance. Let’s delve into the intricate fabric of what guys want in a long distance relationship.

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In a long-distance relationship, a man finds happiness through consistent communication, trust, shared goals, and visits. Maintaining emotional connection, understanding, and showing appreciation contribute to his happiness.
To make a man crave you in a long-distance relationship, maintain mystery and independence, engage in meaningful conversations, send surprise gifts, and plan future activities together. Keep the relationship exciting and build anticipation.
Impress a guy in a long-distance relationship by being supportive, attentive, and genuinely interested in his life. Show your own achievements, maintain a positive attitude, and share experiences that create a strong bond.

15 Things What Guys Want in a Long-Distance Relationship

Things What Guys Want in a Long-Distance Relationship

  1. Clear Communication: Open dialogue about experiences and emotions.
  2. Trust and Honesty: Priority on transparency to maintain trust.
  3. Virtual Quality Time: Shared activities maintain togetherness.
  4. Emotional Support: Consistent source of comfort and encouragement.
  5. Shared Goals: Mutual aspirations create direction and unity.
  6. Surprise Gestures: Thoughtful actions enhance positivity and excitement.
  7. Intellectual Intimacy: Deep conversations foster connection.
  8. Conflict Resolution: Calmly resolving disagreements strengthens relationship.
  9. Respect for Independence: Acknowledging personal space maintains balance.
  10. Patience and Positivity: Optimism and patience show commitment.
  11. Virtual Dates: Creative activities keep presence felt.
  12. Shared Experiences: Engaging in common activities bridges distance.
  13. Reassurance and Affection: Regular expressions of love are vital.
  14. Digital Creativity: Innovative tech use adds a personal touch.
  15. Planning Visits: Actively arranging reunions fuels motivation.

1. Keeping Communication Open

Good communication is like the foundation of a strong relationship, especially when you’re far apart. Guys really appreciate it when their partners make an effort to talk openly, not just about big things, but also about everyday stuff, thoughts, and feelings.

2. Trust and Being Honest

Trust is like the base of any relationship, and in a long-distance one, it’s super important. Guys like partners who are honest and open, because these qualities help build and keep trust, even when you’re far away.

3. Hanging Out Together, Online

It is possible to feel close even in a long-distance relationship. Guys understand how special it is to bond with someone, even if it’s only online. They feel like they are sharing experiences with one another, which strengthens their emotional connection, when they engage in activities like viewing movies together, playing online games on social media, or simply talking on video chats.

4. Being There Emotionally

Just like anyone else, guys need emotional support from their partners. Being someone they can rely on, encourage, and understand when things are good or tough helps keep the strong emotional connection.

5. Having Similar Goals and Plans

Having goals you both want to reach helps the relationship stay on track. Whether it’s planning when to see each other, talking about what you want to do in the future, or even dreaming together, having common goals makes you feel like a team and gives you a direction to look towards.

6. Surprising Each Other

Small surprises can mean a lot. Doing thoughtful things shows that you care, and that’s important to keep the relationship exciting. Sending surprise gifts, writing sweet letters, or even planning unexpected visits all add happiness to the relationship.

7. Getting Close Emotionally and Intellectually

Building a strong emotional and intellectual connection helps bridge the distance. Talking about deep stuff, sharing personal feelings, and discussing different things all help you stay close and have a meaningful bond.

8. Working Through Problems

Disagreements happen, but how you handle them matters. Guys like partners who talk calmly and work together to fix things, even when you’re far away.

9. Giving Each Other Space

Even in a relationship, having your own time is important. Guys like it when their partners understand that and give them space to do their own things and grow.

10. Being Patient and Positive

Long-distance relationships need patience and a positive attitude. Partners who stay patient and positive show they’re committed for the long run. Staying hopeful and looking forward to a future where distance won’t matter means a lot.

11. Virtual Dates

Being creative with how you stay connected is key. Guys love it when partners plan fun virtual dates, like watching movies together or cooking the same meal on a video call. It makes them feel like you’re there even when you’re not.

12. Sharing Moments

Having shared experiences, even from a distance, shows how strong the relationship is. Doing things like watching the same movie or reading the same book gives you things to talk about and makes you feel close.

13. Showing Love and Care

Telling each other you love and care is really important, especially in a long-distance relationship. Guys want partners who say it and show it through words and actions, building a strong emotional base.

14. Being Creative Online

Using technology in fun ways makes a difference. Guys like partners who send voice messages, write notes, or make playlists that remind them of the journey they’re on together.

15. Planning Visits Together

Looking forward to seeing each other again keeps the relationship strong. Guys appreciate it when partners help plan visits and excitedly count down to when they can be together and distance won’t be a problem anymore.


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A research paper published in the journal “Personal Relationships” discovered that successful long distance relationships relied on three main factors: communication, trust, and commitment. The study also revealed that couples who managed to keep a strong emotional bond were more likely to triumph in their long distance relationships.

Another research that was written up in the journal “Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking” discovered that couples who used technology to remain in touch had a tendency to be happier in their long distance relationships. This research also indicated that couples who utilized technology to express their affection and love had a higher likelihood of remaining together.


To sum up, making long-distance relationships work needs both partners to put in effort, understand each other, and be committed. If guys concentrate on talking well, trusting each other, and growing their emotional bond, they can have happy and deep relationships no matter how far apart they are.


Do men fall in love long distance?

Yes, men can fall in love long distance. Emotional connection, meaningful conversations, shared values, and trust can lead to genuine feelings despite the physical distance.

How can I be romantic in long distance?

Express romantic gestures in a long-distance relationship by sending heartfelt messages, scheduling virtual date nights, watching movies simultaneously, writing love letters, and planning surprise visits to keep the romance alive.

How to make him miss you?

Make him miss you by creating a balanced life, focusing on personal growth, maintaining your own interests, and occasionally creating space for him to wonder about you. Being unavailable at times can increase his longing for your presence.

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