i love him but i can't do long distance

I Love Him But I Can’t Do Long Distance – 8 Ways to Fix This

Long distance relationships can be both exhilarating and challenging, often testing the strength of love and commitment. Many individuals find themselves torn between their feelings for a person and the practicalities of maintaining a relationship across miles. In this article, we will delve into the complexities of loving someone deeply but struggling to cope with the hurdles that distance brings and how you can fix this.

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That you don’t want a long-distance relationship is, in fact, entirely normal. It can be difficult to maintain regular contact and physical proximity when you live far apart. It’s critical to put your own emotional health first and select the course that works best for you.
Discuss your feelings with your spouse if you’re having a hard time maintaining a long-distance relationship. Think about organizing visits, establishing reasonable expectations, and using technology to communicate. It can be worthwhile to reconsider the viability of the relationship if it still feels too much.
Due to the absence of physical proximity, time zone differences, and communication difficulties, long-distance relationships can be difficult. Trust and emotions might also become strained. To get through these challenges, it is crucial to have open and honest communication as well as patience and understanding.

5 Complexities of Long Distance Relationships

5 Complexities of Long Distance Relationships

1. The Emotional Ups and Downs of Love and Separation.

Starting a long distance relationship sets the stage for a real whirlwind of feelings. The amazing highs driven by the happiness of love and connection can sometimes be overshadowed by the deep lows of feeling lonely and longing. So, it’s really important for long distance couples to strengthen their emotional strength, getting ready to handle the unpredictable ups and downs of emotions that always come with being far apart.

2. Challenges in Keeping in Touch

Challenges in Keeping in Touch in long distance relationship

Every successful relationship has a strong foundation of effective communication at its core. The value of communication increases when we discuss long distance relationships. Couples have the burden of overcoming a variety of obstacles that could prevent their natural and meaningful dialogues from continuing, including dealing with the challenges of dealing with different time zones and occasionally confronting technological issues. To stay connected, phone calls and video chats become lifelines for maintaining the bond between long distance partners.

3. When Love Crosses Miles

When Love Crosses Miles  in LDR

Trying to manage the complexities of loving someone deeply while dealing with the tough reality of being physically apart across miles brings forth a mix of feelings that are touching and unique. The heart is filled with love and a strong desire for the person’s actual presence, but the mind understands the practical challenges that keep two people separated.

4. Missing Out on Special Moments

Missing Out on Special Moments in long-distance relationship

Being in a long distance relationship comes with a sad aspect—missing out on the small yet precious everyday moments that couples who are close together often take for granted. Things like unplanned coffee dates, shared experiences, laughter during a TV show, or even holding hands become treasured memories instead of just simple joys they used to be. Reading the same book simultaneously or virtually sharing a hobby can help bridge this gap.

5. Growing Trust Over the Distance

Growing Trust Over the Distance in long distance relationship

In the story of a long distance relationship, trust becomes a crucial element. Since physical closeness isn’t always possible, trust becomes even more critical in stopping doubts and worries from taking over. Keeping communication open through phone calls, video chats, and messages, and letting thoughts and feelings flow freely combine with having unwavering belief in your partner’s commitment. All of this forms the strong base on which trust is built and maintained.

8 Ways to Save Your Long Distance Relationship

8 Ways to Save Your Long-Distance Relationship

1. Building Trust and Being Open

Trust is one of the most crucial elements in maintaining healthy long distance relationships. Even when partners are separated by great distances, trust acts as a glue to keep them together. It’s crucial for couples to start their relationship on an honest and open note if they want it to work. Partners may strengthen trust, which is crucial for their relationship to remain healthy, by communicating openly with each other about their daily experiences and opinions.

2. Being Clear about What You Both Want

Avoiding misunderstandings is crucial in long distance relationships. To do this, partners must be clear about what is expected of them. This entails discussing the frequency of your communications, your shared goals for the future, and the date of your in-person meeting. When you are clear about these issues, you can avoid disappointment and avoid arguments that may arise as a result of misunderstandings or unfulfilled expectations.

3. Having Your Own Space

It’s crucial to maintain your independence even when you’re in a long distance relationship. While being close and connected to your partner is wonderful, it’s equally crucial to maintain your independence. Both spouses should continue pursuing their passions, living their ambitions, and pursuing their individual objectives. This not only fosters individual development and self-discovery but also strengthens and enlivens the bond between the two people.

4. The Wonder of Staying Connected

The value of communication grows much more in the context of long distance partnerships. We can now overcome distance boundaries through video calls, SMS, and social media, all thanks to technology. We create a bridge by staying in touch and communicating frequently that not only bridges our physical distance but also maintains our emotional connection. This connection functions as a kind of maintenance lock for the union.

5. Fun Ways to Feel Close

Even though we’re far apart, it doesn’t mean we have to feel distant emotionally. We can find creative ways to do things together that help us feel close. Watching a movie at the same time, playing online games together, or trying out a recipe in our own kitchens – these shared activities create a strong feeling of togetherness that goes beyond the distance between us.

6. Dreaming About Tomorrow

In the world of long distance relationships, thinking about our future together fills us with hope and motivation. Talking about what we want in the long run helps us plan ahead. Whether it’s thinking about being closer in distance or finding new ways to spend time together, dreaming about our future together gives us inspiration and brings us closer.

7. Dealing with Doubts

In long distance relationships, it’s natural for doubts to come up. Questions about the future, worries about growing apart, and the fear of missing out can all create uncertain feelings. These moments when faith in the relationship wavers can actually help the relationship grow stronger. Partners can openly talk about and explore these doubts together. Facing these uncertainties head-on makes the relationship more honest and helps trust between partners become even stronger.

8. Facing Loneliness

Even in a loving relationship, feeling lonely can sneak in. Not having your partner physically close can bring sadness as you miss their touch and warmth. It’s important to recognize and accept these feelings. Dealing with this loneliness involves finding healthy ways to cope, which can lead to personal growth. By working through this challenging feeling together, partners can become more resilient. This creates an atmosphere where loneliness isn’t an impossible obstacle, but a shared difficulty that can be overcome by sticking together and persevering.


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According to the first study, long distance relationships can be just as fulfilling as local ones, but they call for more trust and communication. Long-distance relationships can be a useful tool to gauge how strong a relationship is, according to the study. Researchers from the University of Utah and the University of Denver carried out the investigation.

In contrast to those in typical partnerships, those in long-distance relationships are more inclined to idealize their spouses, according to the second study. This may be advantageous because it can keep the connection strong even while one partner is away. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, carried out the investigation.


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Being madly in love with someone who lives far away from you is a difficult journey that puts your dedication and emotional fortitude to the test. It involves making decisions that are best for both parties while navigating the highs and lows of the relationship. While long-distance relationships demand work, they can also result in growth, self-discovery, and a deeper understanding of the power of love.


How do I explain to my boyfriend that I can’t do long distance?

Be honest and gentle. Explain your feelings openly, emphasizing your emotional well-being and the challenges you foresee. Focus on your needs rather than blaming your partner. Discuss alternatives and give each other space to process. Remember that these conversations are vital for the relationship’s health.

How can I make him miss me?

Maintain a healthy balance between personal space and time spent together. Engage in your hobbies and interests, allowing him to see your independence. Communicate openly and genuinely, sharing updates about your life. Absence can indeed make the heart grow fonder when combined with a strong emotional connection.

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