how to make a narcissist jealous

How to Make a Narcissist Jealous – 9 Easy Ethical Ways

Have you ever met someone who only thinks about themselves? It can be tough to handle their tricky ways. But there might be a moment when you wish to make them envious instead. While you need to be careful and avoid mean actions, knowing why can help you deal with this. In this piece, we’ll check out good ways to make a narcissist jealous without hurting yourself.


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The article discusses narcissism, which is a fancy way of saying that some people constantly seek affirmation from others and believe themselves to be extremely important. These people assume they are better than everyone else and don’t genuinely comprehend how others feel. The article points out signs that someone might be like this, how they think, and ways to make them feel jealous. These ways include not caring too much, subtly showing off your achievements, making real connections, being independent, having lots of friends, being confident, being a bit mysterious, trying new things, and building true relationships. The article explains that narcissists get jealous because they’re scared of losing control or not seeming like the best.

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It’s important to focus on your well-being and avoid manipulation or unhealthy tactics when dealing with a narcissist. Healthy communication and setting boundaries are more effective approaches for managing relationships with them.
Instead of trying to manipulate a narcissist’s emotions, prioritize your emotional health and build healthy relationships based on mutual respect and communication. This approach is more valuable than attempting to make them intensely interested in you.
Signs of narcissistic jealousy may include passive-aggressive comments, belittling your achievements, or excessive competition. However, interpreting behaviors can be complex, so it’s essential to focus on understanding and addressing your own feelings and needs.

What Does A Narcissist Look Like?

What Does A Narcissist Look Like?

The numerous elements that makeup someone’s personality, including narcissism, are like a puzzle. When someone acts as though they are incredibly important and superior to everyone else, that is a significant element of the jigsaw.

They also constantly seek affirmation from others, which is another aspect. The fact that they don’t genuinely comprehend or care how others feel is one thing that stands out. They are so consumed with themselves that they frequently think they deserve special treatment because they are superior to everyone else. They put a lot of effort into ensuring that people think well of them, even if doing so requires putting others’ needs aside.

The Narcissistic Mindset

The Narcissistic Mindset

The way narcissists think is like a fancy pattern made of their own thoughts. They truly believe they’re one-of-a-kind and amazing. This makes them always want special treatment and think they should be recognized more than others.

But, hidden under their strong confidence, there are lots of worries they don’t show. These worries are like secret paths in a maze, and they’re why they act so confident – to protect themselves from feeling threatened.

Signs of Narcissism

Signs of Narcissism

Knowing how to spot the signs that indicate someone is acting superior to others is a crucial ability for dealing with this type of person. These hints surface in various ways and aid in our comprehension of their behavior.

One major red flag is that they frequently discuss themselves and their accomplishments, even if it suggests that they aren’t interacting with others. Because they are so preoccupied with themselves, they also don’t really get how others feel.

Another red flag is that they exhibit narcissistic behavior since they are adept at persuading others to act in their favor. When we pick up on these hints, we can better manage our interactions with these people.

9 Ways to Make a Narcissist Jealous Ethically

9 Ways to Make a Narcissist Jealous Ethically

  1. The Power of Not Caring: Ignite narcissists’ jealousy by showing disinterest, and denying attention and control.
  2. Show What You’ve Done: Make narcissists jealous by subtly highlighting accomplishments.
  3. Make Strong Friendships: Forge real connections to trigger jealousy in narcissists.
  4. Be Your Own Boss: Display self-assurance and independence to provoke narcissistic jealousy.
  5. Enjoy Hanging Out: Elicit jealousy by having an active social life that sidelines narcissists.
  6. Believe in Yourself: Provoke jealousy with unwavering self-confidence.
  7. Keep Them Guessing: Keep narcissists guessing to evoke jealousy.
  8. Try New Things: Trigger envy by shifting focus to new hobbies.
  9. Build Strong Bonds: Make narcissists jealous by nurturing meaningful relationships.

1. The Power of Not Caring

The Power of Not Caring

Narcissists genuinely desire that others listen to them and follow their instructions. However, if you show them that you don’t care about them, it can make them quite envious. They may become extremely jealous once they discover they are not in charge as usual and that no one is watching them.

2. Show What You’ve Done

Show What You've Done

Talking about the cool things you’ve achieved without bragging can make narcissists really jealous. They always want others to say they’re great and better than everyone else. When you show your successes in a subtle way, it can burst their bubble of feeling super important, and that can make them jealous.

3. Make Strong Friendships

Make Strong Friendships

Being real and making true friends challenges what narcissists believe about themselves. When you have genuine relationships and spend time with people who matter, it goes against their idea that they’re the best. This might make them jealous as they see you connecting with others.

4. Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss

Narcissists enjoy taking the lead and being in the spotlight. However, if you demonstrate your independence and self-assurance, it goes against what they want. Because they can’t manage you the way they want to, this could make them envious.

5. Enjoy Hanging Out

Enjoy Hanging Out without narcissist

Narcissists may become envious of people who have many friends and engage in pleasurable activities alone. They don’t appreciate feeling excluded from the fun you’re having with other people. They might feel envious if they witness you having fun alone.

6. Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Being assured severely irritates narcissists. When you are confident in yourself, it challenges the way other people see themselves. They might feel worse about themselves the more you act as though they are valuable. As they battle their own ego, this may cause them to feel envious.

7. Keep Them Guessing

Keep Them Guessing

Being somewhat enigmatic and unexpected can annoy narcissists. They won’t be aware of your plans, which may frustrate them. They might get jealous if they can’t manage the situation.

8. Try New Things

Try New Things to avoid narcissist

The goal of narcissists is to dominate your life. However, if you start taking on new activities and hobbies, it detracts from them. As they become aware that they are not your primary priority, this development may cause them to feel envious.

9. Build Strong Bonds

Build Strong Bonds

Your deep and meaningful relationships are different from the shallow ones narcissists have. When you show how much you care about people, it makes their relationships look weak. They might get jealous because they’re scared of you replacing them with better connections.


To wrap up, knowing why narcissists get jealous can help you figure out how to make them feel that way. Just remember, the point isn’t to be mean or tricky but to show you’re strong and not controlled by them. You can do this by getting better at things, building relationships, feeling sure of yourself, sharing your achievements, and not letting their actions bother you. This way, you can handle interactions with narcissists better.


How do you make a narcissist addicted to you?

Attempting to create addiction in someone is manipulative and unethical. Healthy relationships are built on genuine connection, mutual respect, and understanding. Rather than seeking to manipulate, prioritize open communication and emotional well-being in any relationship.

What scares the narcissist the most?

Narcissists often fear exposure of their vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Threats to their self-image or public perception can be unsettling. However, focusing on their fears isn’t constructive. Healthy interactions involve empathy, compassion, and setting boundaries when dealing with narcissistic behaviors.

What upsets a narcissist the most?

Narcissists can be upset by challenges to their superiority, criticism, or not receiving the attention they desire. Keep in mind that managing their reactions isn’t a productive approach. Focus on maintaining healthy boundaries and addressing your own emotional needs in any interaction.

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